Warrior's Guild Guide / Guide to Dragon Defender



A Quick Guide to Getting a Dragon Defender or Rune defender
whatever your little heart desires

Recommended Stats:
99 attack (optional)
70+ prayer

Recommended Gear:
Attack Skill Cape (optional)
Initiate / Monk robes (for those who like to AFK)
Prayer pots (optional)
Food (lobsters, monkfish, sharks etc)
Super atk/str pots or Dragon Battle Axe



With the Attack Skill Cape, you get UNLIMITED Warrior Tokens, so you don't have to grind out the Magic Armour Sets.
  • this is not a requirement but it makes things a hell of a lot easier for you
  • if you're a Normal account just camp sand crabs or do some slayer
  • if you're a Classic account skip to next section below 👇👇👇
You can buy an Attack Cape at Warriors guild -> talk to "Ajjat" north of the animator room


Once you wear your attack cape you can go upstairs to the Cyclops room and Kill them without any tokens!
**Note: Must be wearing the attack cape at all times.



1. Grab an armour set (mith, addy, or rune). Speak to "Thorvald the Warrior" at edge general store.
**Note: Must be a Amour set with LEGS (l) otherwise it will not work. This may also be a good time to purchase Monk Robes or Initiate for the Prayer Bonus.


2. Exchange the Set for it's components at the Grand Exchange



**Notes: You won't need the kiteshield so you can either drop it or alch it.

3. Teleport to the "Warrior's Guild" and go into the Animator Room. Use ANY piece of the armour set on the Animator.


Mith Set = 25 tokens per kill
Addy Set = 30 tokens per kill
Rune Set = 40 tokens per kill

**Notes: You need at least 100 tokens to enter the Cyclops room. I recommend camping this until you have 400-500 Tokens


4. Gear up and go upstairs Two (2) Floors. Enter the room and Kill the Cyclopses.


**Notes: You will lose 10 tokens every minute. If you have an Attack Cape, you have unlimited time in the Cyclops room.

5. Get your First Defender and Exit the Room then Re-enter


  • A message will pop up in your chat in RED saying you got a defender. Don't AFK too long!
  • Once you get a defender you must EXIT the room and re-enter, in order to get the next tier Defender.
Pro Tip: If you are running low on Tokens and you don't want to camp for more.. As long as you have a minimum of 100 tokens you can enter the room and exit the room within 60 seconds and your tokens will not diminish. Stay close to the door!

Example: Kill 1 Cyclops, Exit room, Enter room.

Q: Do you get the Dragon Defender in the same room as all the other defenders?
A: YES! There is no separate room/basement floor for Dragon Defenders.


GL and have fun grinding faggets