Raids 1 guide Part 1



Getting There - Getting to Chambers of Xeric on eden is quite simple open up the teleport menu select minigames then find Chambers of Xeric Raids 1.

Gear / Inventory - For the most the most efficient set up please use the following picture as a reference gear can be swapped out and replaced but do note that it may affect raid times as well as effeciency. ex.) Twisted bow can be swapped out for arma crossbow or dragon hunter crossbow.



below is a more welfare approach to gearing for chambers of xeric.


Note: you must have the maximum range/melle gear you can possibly bring as well as a pick axe rune+ will do with at least 80 minning or higher.

The Rooms / Scouting:

An ideal raid will be scouted for the best possible route to olm. a good raid would look something like this... having little or no rooms that require gathering and mostly boss rooms.
However, if you would like to do a gathering room instead of a boss room it will be listed in the guide and would prove useful to bring a hammer for making the storage collection boxes found throughout raids 1. Now is the time where join a clan chat your own if you wish and then proceed to scout out your first raid.

Rooms to avoid: (Creature Keeper, Ice Demon)


This is an ideal raid for getting to olm at a reasonable pace as well as having the least amount of difficulty and stress.


this room you will use melle and will need to use some foot work to kill this boss but there is a simple and easy way to kill tekton with taking the least amount of damage.
below is an example of what the room may look like.


now i will show you a picture of what spots you should attack from to get the most efficient kill for this room. there will be 2 tiles you will need to run between for killing tekton that will be marked you will hit then run to the next tile and repeat exchanging position and blows between the two highlighted tiles.



using range is the best method for killing both mutadiles i prefer to use blowpipe for this boss or something that you can attack with quickly. The mutadiles both attack with a combination of either range/melle/mage and will be fought in 2 phases.

1st Phase: The small mutadile while this should be the easiest of the 2 i find it a tad more challenging and this is where i lose a decent amount of HP due to the larger mutadile maging you as you attempt to kill the smaller one. No worries though because it will be over soon. first attack the smaller mutadile when it reaches approximately half its total hit points it will go eat from the meat tree located within the room. as it eats feel free to attack it to keep earning points. it will eat several times so dont get frustrated just continue to blowpipe it until its dead while trying to maintain correct prayer switches from the damage being dealt. i find it best to pray range for the majority of this fight as seen below.


2nd Phase: This will now be the larger mutadile which is exactly like the first one and will be much easier to pray flick against seeing as how there is only one thing attacking you at a time. this mutadile will mainly attack with melle and swap between mage and range occasionally which should be very easy to pray flick you should take no damage during this fight with some practice so pray melle and blow pipe like you did with the first mutadile.


for this room you must kill all the mages/rangers standing on the islands, grab the keystone crystal from the other side of the tightrope and then unlock the barrier this proves to be one of the easiest rooms in the raids so this one is a preffered room to have.


once all the magers/rangers are dead climb across the tight rope obtain the key stone crystal then walk back across unlocking your path to the next room.


with the keystone crystal in hand you may now dispel the shimmering barrier.



this room can be quite annoying seeing as how you have to flinch but you shouldnt need to use prayer/food if you can manage to get the timing correct. below will be the tile you will need to stand on in order to correctly flinch hit this boss, with your maximum melle gear and a pick axe equiped and a decent minning level this shouldnt take longer than 4 mins. you will walk to any of these four squares then attack the gaurdian then run back to that square immediately which will be 3 tiles away from whichever gaurdian you are standing in front of.

(Please see part 2 for the remainder of the guide.)


100% guide ! recomend following it guys !


love this guide, still use it for ppl today