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LegacyPK 3B Tournament - 07/05/2021 Patch notes


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Hey everyone! We are happy to officially announce the next Deadman Mode Tournament will be starting at 5:00PM BST on Saturday the 7th of May.

This tournament will last for 1 week, with the final hour Permadeath stage commencing at 5:00PM BST on Saturday the 14th of May (subject to change)

The prizes for the top 4 players will be 3000M OSRS. 1500M to 1st, 500M to 2nd, 350M 3rd & 4th, the LMS will be receiving 300M (more on that below)

You can join the LegacyPK DMMT Discord Server at: https://discord.gg/XAXbNZJ

EXP Rates:

  • Combat experience modifier = x50
  • Skilling experience modifier = x50
  • Quest experience modifier = x25

Overview of the changes below:

  • Fixed a bug with pets not appearing until you relog
  • Added a 100k fee to rev caves
  • Reworked dragon claw spec formula, they should work as intended now
  • Reworked the announcement system to support multiple announcements (if multiple events happen to collide they won't override each other now)
  • Reworked the PVP icons to reflect more status changes e.g. if you're teleblocked
  • Fixed an issue with staminas that were leading them to not work as intended
  • Added boss timer plugin to runelite (if you experience performance issues with runelite, use the vanilla client, if experiencing crashes turn off opengl in settings)
  • Reworked the world map to be more OSRS like (there are still some missing features that are in our backlog, but it should be good enough for now)
  • Introduction of Nex, to obtain entry to nex you have to make the key from killing godwar pieces for their corresponding pieces (you only need to forge the key once)
  • We've decided to go ahead and nerf the defensive stats on zaryte crossbow by half
  • Nex droprates are boosted, nihil shards drop in larger quantaties
  • Fixed an issue with rendering where if the NPC was too large the player wouldn't render (be invisible while dd'ing him) (going to visit this again sometime later this week)
  • Re-introduction of the Hitlist event, when the event is active Pkers will be able to see a heatmap of players ONLY inside the wilderness for an hour, the users in the wilderness will not only have a 15% drop rate to PVP weapons but every NPC will also have a chance to drop a hidden vault key (chance at BOFA, pvp weapons and more) for 1 hour
  • Fight caves are now only Jad
  • Reworked the roaming merchant store to support more supplies (can even give barrows items now if you're lucky).
  • Introduction of a clan point store, every activity a member of your clan does contributes points to the clan which in turn gives you access to a shop that has limited items (stock is limited), all these items are end-game items and there's even one zaryte crossbow up for grabs (for reference world bosses give you the most amount of clan points), for a list of activities that count refer below (you can access the store by trading the clerk/clan manager)
  • Revenant droptables have been adjusted, they can only drop keys to access rev galvek /crystal armour/blood fury (in order to get the BOFA you have to kill revenant galvek in his dungeon located in the extended wilderness)
  • Tormented demon dungeon is now available in the extended wilderness (these drop claws mainly and a few other stuff)
  • We've implemented ice barrage sacks into the game, these can be purchased from the BM store or the roaming merchant
  • Fixed MA2 spawns and added more wilderness spawns to the wilderness cave below (will be available on day 2, the spawns dumped weren't accurate enough unfortunately!)
  • Fixed some items such as dragonfire ward having wrong stats
  • New emblem system, you start off with a tier 1, and have a chance to upgrade it on every kill (every NPC in the wilderness is eligible for this, and only NPCS that you have a task for apply for this outside the wilderness)
  • Added temporary toggling to turn off timers e.g. teleblock stuff if not using runelite (see dev-blog on how to reposition these
  • Refer to previous posts for changelog if you've missed out on anything
  • Sigils are enabled in 1 v 1
  • Final hour is no longer everyone in 1 v 1s, player count required will be decided based on how many people are participating
  • Zaros 5% higher chance to get upgrading and obtaining an emblem
  • ::buffbar - temporary fix to toggle timers off/on

List of activites that currently give clan points:

- Each barrows run is 2 point
- Opening the deadman chest is 300 points
- Doing deadman tasks is 2 point each
- Tormented demons are 300 points
- Necrolord is 300 points
- QBD is 500 points
- Revenant galvek kills are 50 points
- Killing any boss is 2 point
- Doing tasks give points depending on task
- Getting a PVP weapon drop is 25 points​

We're excited for everything that is it to come this Eden, as we've been working on major pieces of content there's not too many small things to list here but we've worked on loads of QOL features that you may notice while playing the game!

I will be updating the post if we decided to change things or add new things

The video explaining QBD (linking this again for those who don't know):

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