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LegacyPK 3B DMMT: November 14th, 2020 - Patch Notes


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Hey everyone! We are happy to officially announce the next Deadman Mode Tournament will be starting at 2:00pm EST / 7:00pm GMT on Saturday the 14th of November.

This tournament will last for 1 week, with the final hour Permadeath stage commencing at 2:00pm EST / 7:00pm GMT on Saturday the 21st of November
(subject to change)

The prizes for the top 4 players will be 3000M OSRS. 1500M to 1st, 850M to 2nd, 250M 3rd & 4th, the LMS will be receiving 150M (more on that below)

You can join the LegacyPK DMMT Discord Server at: https://discord.gg/XAXbNZJ

Overview of the changes below:

Don't forget to scroll down to see changes to the events!

  • Added staff of light (saradomin's light on staff of the dead)
  • Disabled cannons in mm2 dungeon
  • Increased the monkey's aggro range in the dungeon (also fixed them walking in walls, not to mention added it so they stack properly refer to the dev blog on the discord for a visual representation of this)
  • Fixed magic damage bonuses (all should be same as OSRS now)
  • Hit delays are now handled correctly
  • Fixed an issue with dragon thrownaxes not going off correctly and their damage
  • Fixed abuses with lunar spells (gaining massive amount of experienced rapidly)
  • Added more plugins to Runelite e.g. NPC aggro and the PVP performance tracker
  • Fixed multiple issues with aggression
  • Increased the lock delay for mithril seeds (will take 1 tick longer to attack someone)
  • Buffed dragon claws
  • Increased magic accuracy slightly
  • Fixed an issue where you'd experience a tick delay when changing regions (the whole loading please wait, causing gapping)
  • Tolerance is now a thing (NPCs will stop aggressing you after 20 minutes of you being in the same 21 x 21 zone)
  • NPCs no longer suddenly 'deaggro' if you were in combat with them
  • ::losestreak command can be used to check your loss streak with the scratch tickets
  • Loss streaks are now taken into account before the release of barrows
  • Fixed an issue where even if you got last hit on your opponent you wouldn't be able to log out in time
  • Fixed a bunch of weapons using the wrong gfx/animation (for example morrigan javelins)
  • Fixed multiple issues with auto cast sometimes not going off properly when being attacked by multiple entities
  • Made loads more core improvements to the game, so it may or may not noticeably play 'smoother'
  • Removed the safezone around ferox enclave (only the actual enclave itself is considered safezone now)
  • Blood fury can now proc on special attacks
  • Combat EXP is now 65x and Skilling is now 25x
  • Fixed a lot of issues with the timer plugin (freeze timers randomly disappearing, veng timers not appearing so on so fourth...)
  • You can now no longer open clues with GP
  • Necrolord now has 1500 lifepoints
  • Added new mechanics to the world bosses (more on this below)
  • Defence is now capped to 75 for the week (except for 1 v 1's, where anyone with 75 defence will be set to have 99 defence)
  • Risk required to roll on the PVP drop table increases by 25k every day (from day 2 onwards, prior to this there is no requirement)
  • The donation store has gotten a bit of a revamp (exp scrolls, no more selling specific items, more items added to scratch tickets)
  • Fixed the issue of your tabs suddenly disappearing sometimes when you get attacked with a store open.
  • Added the global drop rate table to all NPCS outside the safezone, this table includes the following loot (rate to roll on this table is undisclosed): Robin hood hat, Ranger boots, 3rd age full helmet, 3rd age platebody, 3rd age platelegs, 3rd age kiteshield, 3rd age mage hat, 3rd age robe top, 3rd age robe, 3rd age range coif, 3rd age range top, 3rd age range legs, 3rd age vambraces, Dragon full helm, Dragon kiteshield, Dragon platebody, Dragon platelegs, Dragon plateskirt, Gilded full helm, Gilded platebody, Gilded platelegs, Rangers' tunic, Abyssal whip, Amulet of fury, Berserker ring, Seers ring, Archers ring, Dragon battleaxe, Dragon halberd and Dark bow
  • All accounts have been wiped, so this means donation ranks are no longer retained, and every username is up for grabs.
  • Final Hour will now end in Barbarian village
  • Cannons will now fill instead of stopping
  • Combination runes in rune pouch now work correctly (wasn't highlighting spells previously)
  • Overall more improvements to combat (a lot of these changes were too small or there were too many to document, theres nothing that's too significant that needed a separate point)

How does LegacyPk's DMMT Work?

LegacyPK’s DMM functions in the same way as you’d expect. On killing other players, you will recieve a bank key, which can be used on the deadman chests located in most banks around the world. Each key will produce the 10 most valuable stacks of items of the killed player’s bank, and the killed player will also lose some experience points in their unprotected skills if skulled.

On LegacyPK's DMMT, ALL drop rates are increased by 50%, and all Combat XP is 65X (Skilling XP is 25x OSRS base), without restrictions or caps. XP is reduced by 50% when in a safezone.

Skulls, Deaths, Safezones, Bank Keys, XP Acceleration for lost XP on death and the Safe Deposit Box all function the same way as OSRS. For further information, talk to the NPC Nigel in Lumbridge Courtyard.

LegacyPK has a few unique features within it’s Deadman world, so be sure to read through everything below to familariaze yourself with the tournament.

LegacyPK Teleporter:

In DMM, you can get around the world quickly by using the Teleport Wizard npc, which economy players will be familiar with. The Teleport Wizard can be found in most cities, and will charge you a few runes for the service. Make good use of this to be able to get to areas such as dungeons and far away cities easily, and skip the walk!

The teleporter consists of categories, and in this next Deadman Mode Season there has been a change to the teleporter.

The teleporter unlocks now work as follows (based on Total Level):
  • Cities are always unlocked
  • 500 for dungeons and monsters
  • 1000 for Wilderness & Bosses

NOTE: Teleport wizard now works slightly differently, the total level requirements are still there but he also now has a cool down which starts at 6 minutes, this is further reduced depending on your donator rank going down to a minimum of 3 minutes for $100+) Note: these cooldowns dont apply to monsters or cities teleport

Protected Stats:

On LegacyPK, you can protect your stats by using the “Item’s kept on death” interface, and this can be done by simply clicking on the stat that you wish to protect. You can protect up to 2 combat stats, and 3 skilling stats. Your hitpoints level can also be protected via the quest tab.

Time-Locked Content:

Over the course of the week, certain parts of content will be unlocked. The details for this shown below. . Please note that Lava Dragons have been now unlocked from the start of the tournament. You can check the current Day in the Server info tab, on the left of the logout tab.

Day 2: Lunar Magicks​
Day 3: Ancient Magicks​
Day 4: Barrows Chest Looting​
Day 5 : Nothing Unlocked​
Day 6: Nothing Unlocked​
Day 7: Final Hour​

Please note that Zulrah is disabled, as is Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1) and Theatre of Blood (Raids 2). Creating the Ring of Suffering is also disabled throughout the tournament.

PVP weapon modifiers:

- If the user is wearing above 1,000,000GP in risk, they will gain a 2.5% modifier
- If the user is wearing above 2,500,000GP in risk, they will gain a 5% modifier
- If the user is wearing above 5,000,000GP in risk, they will gain a 10% modifier
- If the user is wearing above 10,000,000GP in risk, they will gain a 15% modifier

Ancient Magicks:

You can get early access to Ancient Magicks if you have 1350 total level, along with the skills listed below. This is until Day 3 where Ancients are unlocked for all, regardless of total level. You do not have to complete the quest to unlock Ancient Magicks, instead you must have the skills listed below:
  1. 53 Thieving
  2. 50 Magic
  3. 50 Firemaking
  4. 10 Slayer

Players can switch to Ancient Magicks at the altar inside the Jaldraocht Pyramid.

Ferox enclave:

Ferox enclave is the homebase for LegacyPK’s DMM. All players will spawn here with the default starter set, which includes some teleportation tablets, some coins and a starter pack. This starter pack contains starter weapons and some low level food. These weapons cannot be used in Player V Player combat, and will degrade after a set amount of usage.

Within Ferox enclave, you will find a variety of NPCs for your convenience.

View attachment 147

The NPCs are as follows:
  • Banker (Inlcuding access to Safe Deposit Box)
  • Grand Exchange Clerk
  • Deadman Chest
  • Zahur - Decants Potions, makes unfinished potions
  • Dominic Onion - Imbues items (use the item on him, rings cost 1.25m)
  • Perdu - Repairs broken items

Blood Money Store:

Blood money can be obtained by killing other players, or killing NPCs in the Wilderness to get Emblems, which can then be traded in to the Blood Money vendors. The prices for the items can be seen via the quantity.

At LegacyPK, we have seperated the blood money store into three locations. The locations and the contents are listed below:





Lunar Isle


Deadman Supply Crate:

Killing NPCs over 80 combat also has a chance to drop a Deadman Supply Crate and its key (as seperate drops). These are untradable, and can be opened to obtain high level items such as Fire Capes, Fighter Torsos, Void Pieces and supply crates. You can right-click -> peek to see all the possible items.

Roaming Trader:

Just like loot crates, the Roaming Trader will spawn in a broadcasted location. The Roaming Trader’s inventory will change each time, and can offer great early game equipment.

As mentioned above, the roaming trader has gotten a bit of a buff. He now has two new wanted items in stock, but be aware he usually is located in multi!


Questing on LegacyPK DMMT is optional, and many quests have been autocomplete. You do not need to complete quests to access content, including access to the Culimancers chest and to purchase Barrows Gloves.

Quests available on LegacyPK DMMT include:
  • All F2P Quests
  • Animal Magnetism (Not needed for Ava’s Accumulator)
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Dwarf Cannon
  • Gertrude’s Cat
  • Jungle Potion
  • Lost City
  • Merlin’s Crystal
  • Monk’s Friend
  • Priest in Peril
  • Roving Elves
  • Tourist Trap
  • Waterfall Quest
  • What Lies Below

PVP Weapons & Revenants

PVP Weapons can be obtained by killing monsters within the wilderness, albeit very low drop rates. These weapons are very powerful and can be used in the final tournament.

Revenants have had their resource drops heavily reduced, and the rarity of Revenant Weapons are also heavily reduced.

DMM Donation Store

Items available will differ depending on the day, this is an image of the full store now.

View attachment 1

World Bosses

World Chest Event

Upon looting the chest, a hoard of NPCS are now spawned and will attempt to attack the opener , this is on top of the already affects of TB, posion etc..

It will also now take a minute to open the chest as opposed to the previous 30 seconds.


Necrolord now has a new mechanic added to him, he has a chance to reflect all damage you deal to him when he is in this 'mode.' Here is an example of this mechanic occuring:

We've also decided to make Necrolord singles so other teams have a chance to contest world bosses, the boss itself will still be able to be attacked by multiple people, it will just be in a singles area now (west of chins, south of the forgotten cemetery, mage bank)

Tormented Demon

Tormented demon as well has a new added mechanic to him, he will now spawn fire traps around him that will explode for a great amount damage in a 3 x 3 area

Double Loot Event:

Day 3 - Double Godwars loot
Day 4 - Double DKS loot
Day 5 - Double Wilderness boss loot

PermaDeath Finale

The Final Hour

Once the final hour starts, you will first be given a Deadman Teleport Tab. You will only be given this Tab if you are in a P2P safezone. Using this tablet will teleport you into one of the F2P safezones at random. During this stage, all Safezone guards will no longer be aggressive, and will not attack skulled players.

The finals have begun. You will see an announcement, similar to the preview below. This announcement will last for 10 minutes, and you should move towards F2P areas of the world map, and out of dungeons and instances.

After the 10 minutes is up, a new interface will show on your screen. This interface will guide you towards the final area of the PermaDeath stage.

PermaDeath Interface

This interface contains all you need to know to make it to the 1v1 stage of the tournament. As the Fog creeps in across the map, certain areas will be dangerous to enter, and often lethal. The interface will tell you where your final area is, and if the area you are currently inside is safe or not.


If you are NOT inside a safe area, and the timer hits 0, you will be instantly killed by the fog. If you're in safezone and enter the danger zone, a 2s timer begins and then you starting taking damage every 3 ticks. This damage will increase as follows: 4, 9, 13, 18, 22, 27, 30. To be safe, leave the dangerous area. Entering a dungeon or cave will instantly set the tick damage to 30.

Chest Spawning

Every 5 minutes, a chest will drop in an announced location. These chests contain very valuable items that one player will receive. Once a player has taken the items from a chest, a message will announce the player that took it, and the items that they received. This message will last for 10 seconds. In the image below, you can see the chest and the announcement of the player that received the item.

An announcement will be made in the in-game chat when the chest has spawned, telling you the contents of the chest, and also the location and contents of the next.

Final Safe Area

The final zone is shown below. This season we have moved the final zone back to Falador. There will be glowing orbs showing the boundaries and if you step out of the specified zone, there is a 2 second delay before you start taking damage from the fog every 3 ticks.

This is also explained in-game via an announcement, as shown below

1v1 Arenas and Fighting

Once you have survived the PermaDeath stage, you will be transported to the 1v1 Arenas. When you are teleported into the arenas, your character will be fully healed and have all stats restored, including special attack. You will also keep all items and food that you are carrying when you are transported into the first round.

In the first 1v1 arena, you have access to a unique chest which allows you to access your bank and also change your spellbook. You can change your spellbook by right-clicking on the chest. You will have 5 minutes to organise your gear and spellbook. Please note that you cannot pick up dropped items or trade other players once the 1v1 stage has begun.

Once the 5 minute timer is up, your fight will begin. If the duration of the fight extends to over 5 minutes, a deadly fog will slowly roll into the arena, dealing 2 damage to both players every 3 ticks. Please note that the fog will not arrive during the Finals and Semi-Finals.

Once one player emerges victorious from their fight, their stats and inventory are reset, and the following items are given to the player before being teleported to their next fight:

1x Saradomin brew (4)​
2x Super restore (4)​
1x Super combat (2)​
1x Ranging potion (2)​
13x Shark​
2x Karambwan​

Players will also have a small window to loot the gear of defeated opponents before the next round begins.


Dying in the PermaDeath stages is no laughing matter. When you die, you are instantly jailed in Falador Castle, and then logged out. You will then be gracefully reminded that you have died, as shown below.

In order to spectate when you're dead, we will be streaming the whole event so people can watch the finals in progress.


When playing LegacyPK's DMMT, all players must abide by the normal set of LegacyPK's Rules (found here: https://LegacyPK.ps/forums/threads/LegacyPK-rules-updated-31-05.124/).

We understand that flaming is just part and parcel of DMM, but please keep racism out of the game and in associated Discord servers.

LegacyPK's DMM will operate on a 2 Strike System. Each player will have one warning and will then be removed from the tournament if found to be breaking the rules a second time.

This tournament, we are being firm on a view different highlighted issues from the previous tournaments:
  1. Boxing between two players to escape another player/team is not allowed, however boxing a NPC is permitted.
  2. DDOS/Dox Threats will not be permitted at any point, whether in-game or via associated Discord servers.
  3. Game breaking bug abuse will not be tolerated, and will result in your account being entirely reset.
  4. Items lost due to bugs will not be refunded apart from with clear video evidence of the bug.
  5. Swapping items from LegacyPK for 07 to another player is NOT permitted. 07 Donations can be made through an admin. Players found RWTing will be banned from the tournament.
Please report any player infringing on these rules to a member of staff, either in-game or via the LegacyPK DMM Discord. All staff decisions are final and staff harassment will be met with in-game muting or removal from the tournament at staff discretion.

Please also report all bugs you find to staff, no matter how small. This is so that we can continue to improve to make LegacyPK's DMMT the best RSPS Tournament out there.

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