Guide on how to No Honour aka NH



Quick Guide on how to NH!

Step 1: Keybinds! I cannot stress this enough for beginner nhers to set their keybinds to what they feel like is most comfortable for them! My suggestion is to set your keybinds to the following ; F1- Inventory, F2- Equipment, F3- Prayer, F4- Spell Book, F5- Combat Style. This is a crucial thing to do before even thinking about pking.

Step 2: Switches! Switching during nhing is very important, a simple miss click could result your fight into a huge disadvantage! you wouldn't want that would you? Therefore to prevent/minimise such thing, i recommend is practice, practice, PRACTICE! There's nothing more better than practising on your free time! Begin with an easy 2 way switch, then once you've mastered to 1tick gear the 2 way, move onto the 3 way switch. Practice again and eventually you will also master the 3 way switch! Keep moving up until you get to a 4 or 5 way switch! I do not recommend practising into a 5+ switch due to the huge food disadvantage you will receive during the fight! Remember, Practice makes Perfect!

Step 3: Gearing! Know your items! One huge disadvantage i had when i once started nhing, were the items i wasn't really familiar with. Once i found out what they do, i've always geared perfectly! Gearing is infact easier than you've thought! I will show you a few pictures on what you should look like!



Step 4: Food/Supplies! You should always bring plenty of food/brews to your fight, but sometimes you will be asked to bring a few brews so fights wouldn't be long and boring. Always bring a super combat, a range/mage pot, a rune pouch to store runes in and a few extra soul runes to blood barrage and heal off of your enemy. You should always bring double the amount of brews to super restore/sanfew serum, for e.g 2 restore = 4 saradomin brews! You should always drink from 1-3 sips off of the brew before drinking the super restore (highly recommend drinking 2 sips, 3 if your very low hp) Remember, not drinking a sip of restore will bring down your levels and you may not be able to cast an ice barrage onto your enemy! A quick trick some people may know or may not know is the 1tick food/brew eat! Saradomin brews count as a karambwan, meaning you can literally eat an anglerfish or any other food and drink a sip of saradomin brew straight after it, all in one tick! Check the screenshot above again for a quick rundown of an inventory i use for a 1vs1.



Step 5: Max Hits! Before entering a fight you should always know what your max hits are! You can do this by running south of edgeville bank and hitting the right dummy with the item you wish to use! Here is an example of my AGS saying i can hit a 38 smack, and a 53 specials without pray! Here it also says i can hit a 46 smack and a 64 special with Piety!



Step 6: Equipment stats! This is something that can be really useful when it comes down to killing someone with a special attack! If you check below, i show 2 screenshots of me wearing mystics and me wearing black dhide/torag legs. As you can clearly see, wearing the range gear greatly improves my defence as mage gear tend to have such low defence! Don't worry, you can you this as an advantage! Always try go for a special attack when opponent is wearing their mage gear, giving you the chance to hit higher on them.



Step 7: Tricks! Always try catch your opponent off guard! Try double switching (switching into mage, making then put up mage pray then quickly re-switching into range gear and bolt him). This always works for me as my switches are quite fast, thanks to practising. Quick bait hits could give you a huge advantage if you do it right.

Step 8: F3 Aka Prayer Switching! One of the most important thing in nhing is using prayers! When you're fighting always remember to F3 and anti pray on them so they dont hit high! 90% of the time in my fights, i've always got the prayer book out and ready to anti pray on them so they cannot deal a lot of damage! Remember if you have augury/Rigour prayers does not just give 20-25% range/magic damage boost, but also gives 20-25% range/magic defence!

Step 9: Know your wilderness! Knowing your wilderness is very crucial as you will never get baited to a multi zone and get killed by a team! You can use your knowledge as an advantage and always find an escape routes around wilderness such as; levers, obelisks!

71Step 10: Practice! Most important thing here by far is practice!!!! You can never become good at something instantly! Everything requires practice! You can practice with your friends or at the duel arena without risking your items! Remember never panic in a fight situation, as this could result into missclicks and even worse!!!

Hope this helps, this is just a few main things to know/do before nhing, thanks for your time, and i hope you become an nh god very soon! Good Luck out there :p