Eden New Players Guide



Eden New Players Guide

Welcome to Eden, an RSPS designed to be as close to OSRS as possible. While most things are a perfect copy, Eden has a few unique features for its players. In this guide, we will go through these features and get you informed on the number one RSPS out there.

  1. Choosing your GameMode
  2. Welcome to Edgeville
  3. Getting around the world
  4. Voting
  5. Donating
  6. Starting Slayer
  7. Things you need to know
  8. Getting Your First Cash Stack

Choosing your Game Mode

Eden has a variety of game modes that you can choose to play. You can select which game mode when you create a new account, and you are able to make as many accounts as you wish to try out different modes.

Below is a brief overview of the specifics of each type of game mode:
Normal Player: 500x OSRS Rates for combat skills, 50x OSRS Rates for non-combat skills. No account restrictions.​
Regular Ironman: 500x OSRS Rates for combat skills, 50x OSRS Rates for non-combat skills. Cannot trade or loot other players, or use the Grand Exchange.​
Hardcore Ironman: 500x OSRS Rates for combat skills, 50x OSRS Rates for non-combat skills. Cannot trade or loot other players, or use the Grand Exchange.​
Ultimate Ironman: 500x OSRS Rates for combat skills, 50x OSRS Rates for non-combat skills. Cannot trade or loot other players, or use the Grand Exchange. Cannot make use of banks, except to un-note items.​
Group Ironman: 5x OSRS Rates for all skills. Cannot trade or loot other players, or use the Grand Exchange, but can trade between other members of your group.​
Hardcore Player: 5x OSRS Rates for all skills. 5% increased rare drops. No account restrictions.​

If you wish to revert from your current game mode back to a normal player game mode, you can speak to Adam in the building west of Edgeville bank.

Welcome to Edgeville

Once you have created your account, you will spawn in Edgeville. On Eden, Edgeville has a few adjustments to make your life a bit easier. Below is an overview of what can be found around town.

Starting at the top left, or North-West. This building contains multiple shops which have been created to quickly get you geared with many different supplies and equipment. Most shop types can be found here. The contents of these shops will be detailed later on.

Next, we move to the top right or North-East. This building contains stalls, a guided altar which is always lit, an Ornate Rejuvenation Pool and an altar of the occult. These different objects can be used by any account type.

The Ornate Rejuvenation Pool can be used to restore all of your stats, including health, prayer, stamina and special attack.

The Altar of the Occult can be used to switch between the different spellbooks, so make good use of them throughout your stay.

Bottom right, or South East, is Edgeville bank. Here you can also find the Grand Exchange Clerk and a few different NPCs for accessing the voting and donation store. Within the bank, you can also find the lottery manager and a crystal chest.

Bottom left, or South-West is the specialist NPC hut. This hut contains a bunch of less frequently used NPCs all in one location. Below is a list of the NPCs you can find here and their uses.
Zahur - Makes unfinished pots (99 Herblore cape) and decants un-noted potions​
Make-over Mage - Allows players to change their outfit for 1000gp​
Adam - Allows players to change their game mode down to a Normal Player, does not work for Group Ironmen.​
Mac - Allows players to purchase Max capes for 2,277,000gp.​
Twiggy - Gives players an Achievement cape for completing all achievement diaries.​
Entrance Guardian - Allows players to configure Two-Factor Authentication for their account.​
Dominic Onion - Provides imbuing items in exchange for gold. (Rings, Slayer Helmet, etc.).​
Bob - Allows players to repair armour and items such as Barrows equipment.​

To the far North-East, Krystilia’s hut is home for the Wilderness Slayer master, and also a relocated Turael. You can get your first slayer task from Turael!

Edgeville Shops

Below are the inventories of the different shops located in the North-West of Edgeville.

Thorvald The Warrior


Wizard Korvack

Bow and Arrow Salesman






Slayer Shop

Getting around the world

One of the unique features about Eden is the quick teleportation that is available for all players! To access the teleportation interface, you can talk to the Teleportation Wizard at Edgeville.

The teleportation interface contains teleports to almost anywhere in the game, including almost every dungeon, NPC and skilling area. You can also search through the locations to quickly find the destination you are looking for.

You can quickly access this interface anywhere in the world by clicking the Law Rune icon underneath the minimap, which can be done anywhere across the world, except for over in the Wilderness over level 20.

Voting & Redeeming

For new players, voting is a great way to get some starter cash or start collecting items that will enhance your account. To get started voting, head to https://eden.ps/vote, enter your username and vote for Eden on different RSPS Toplist websites. Once in-game, you can type ::redeem to claim the votes to your account.

Once you have claimed your votes, visit the Bartender NPC in Edgeville bank to access the Voting Shop. The voting shop has an array of items, but you can convert your voting credits into Voting Coins. These coins are tradable to other players, with some paying upwards of 150k per coin.

Eden Donator Packages

If you are fortunate enough to win a giveaway or be supplied a code by a content creator, you can redeem your Donator Package through the Eden website. Head to https://eden.ps/redeem to claim your code, as shown below.

Once you have redeemed your code, head in-game and type ::claim, and you will receive your items in your inventory.


Want to skip a grind, or try your luck at some Augmented Mystery Boxes? Donating is a great way of supporting the server, and you can get some great rewards in return.

Donators have a wide range of benefits and can access donator specific areas. See the perks of donating via this thread: https://eden.ps/forums/threads/donator-perks.8/

To make a donation, head to https://eden.ps/donate and select your amount and enter your username. Once paid, head to the Shard Store Owner in Edgeville bank, and right click to claim your shards.

These shards are the donator currency that can be used within the donation store. Donation shards can also be traded to and from other players, to allow players to access donator content without the use of Real World payments.

Below you can see the contents of the donator store as of writing.




Miscelloneous Items

Spending the shards in the store awards your account a donation status, at a rate of $1 donation status for every 10 shards spent. Let’s try our luck at some Augmented Mystery Boxes!

We can take a peek inside the Augmented Mystery Boxes by right-clicking and selecting Peek-inside. This will show the potential loot from the mystery boxes.

We got lucky! We managed to pull an Armadyl Helmet from the boxes. Please note that not every box will result in an item shown on the Peek-inside list.

Eden Perk Bond

Also purchasable from the donation store is the Perk Bond, or if you claimed an Eden Donator Package you should have received one. The Eden Perk Bond lasts for 15 days and comes with a wide range of benefits to the player. The details of these benefits can be found at https://eden.ps/forums/threads/perk-bond-perks-list.7/ .

Starting Slayer

Slayer is a great way of making money on Eden. Levelling up slayer alongside your combat stats will unlock the most powerful monsters and bosses across the world. The most profitable slayer monsters are unlocked at above 70 Slayer.

To get started with slayer, you have to get your first task from Turael. Find him in the building North-East of Edgeville bank. Have a chat with him until he offers to teach you the knowledge of slayer. Most of Turael’s tasks are simple and can be found using the teleport interface.

Our first task is 19 cows, which can be found in the teleport interface.

Once we click on the monster we want, we get teleported straight there.

Now we get slaying!

Continued in the next post.
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Things you need to know

Here are some tips that many existing players aren’t aware of, so get a head start and get informed!

Firstly, you can right-click the law rune teleport icon underneath the minimap to quickly access your two most recent teleports.

The Ornate Rejuvenation Pool at home will restore your health, stats, prayer, energy and special attack in one click.

Eden’s Quest tab is home to many Eden specific features. We’ll briefly cover the top few buttons. To access the original quest tab, click the blue star icon in the top right of the panel.

First, we will look at ‘NPC Drops’ This interface allows you to see the drop table for any monster in the game by searching for their name. It displays the name, quantity and rarity of the drop. This table can be accessed for a specific monster by right-clicking examine, also.

Next, we look at the ‘Other Drops’ button, which displays the potential drops from all of the different boxes and chests available on Eden. Make sure to collect Mystery boxes at all times!

Next is ‘View Player Profile’. This interface allows you to see your kill count for almost every boss and NPC in Eden, as well as PVP statistics also!

Scrolling down in the quest tab, we can find helpful functions to assist your gameplay experience. This includes a handy ‘Check Slayer task information’ function, which can be used at any time.

You can also check what events are running by clicking the ‘Check running events’ function. The current events will be shown in the in-game chatbox.

Getting your first cash stack

There are a few different ways of getting your first initial cash stack. Every player starts with 100k, but getting some extra cash will help you when purchasing your training items from the Edgeville shops.

Thieving Stalls at Edgeville

In the building North of Edgeville bank, you can find some stalls that can be thieved. These stalls will give you basic items which can be sold to Ali Morrisane for a small amount of money. These stalls will give a small amount of Thieving XP, to allow you to move up to higher tier stalls, which in turn give more money per item sold.

The values for the different items for the stalls are as follows:
  • Banana: 173gp
  • Gold ring: 198gp
  • Damp Tinderbox: 220gp
  • Blank Essence: 245gp
  • Steel Scimitar: 268gp
There is also a server event that increases the value of the items when sold to the seller by 3x for 2 hours, but that is uncommon.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes drop commonly from all monsters on Eden, with the frequency of drops increasing while on a Slayer task. These boxes have a wide range of drops, including cash. You can check the full list of potential drops under Quest tab->Other Drops->Mystery Box.


Most quests have been auto-completed on Eden, however many have been added to provide large amounts of XP. Also, for each Quest Point obtained you will receive 50k gp into your inventory.


While levelling up your skills, you will also receive gp when you hit two milestones:

Level 75: 25k for Combat, 50k for Non-Combat​
Level 99: 100k for Combat, 200k for Non-Combat​

This concludes the New Players Guide. If you have any comments or suggestions for additional content, please let me know, thanks! I hope you enjoy your stay at Eden.

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Great guide, everything a new player will need to know to get started! (y)


nice guide. should help alleviate the need to answer many frequently asked questions.


great guide really helpful for new players :)


Use JPEGs saved for web next time man, thats a shit TON of PNGs

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Excellent job on this. I’ve been sending new players to this thread and it’s been helping. Thanks.


Use JPEGs saved for web next time man, thats a shit TON of PNGs
What's the problem with PNGs? Honestly I screenshotted into google docs, then had to reupload every single image to imgur, took ages mate


What's the problem with PNGs? Honestly I screenshotted into google docs, then had to reupload every single image to imgur, took ages mate
PNGs are a lot bigger, if you got shit internet like me it takes forever to load haha